U.S. raw food supplier map

This map is intended to serve as a general reference for finding raw feeding options in your area.

Survive vs. thrive: is a vegan diet healthy for dogs?

There is sufficient evidence that dogs can survive on vegetarian and even vegan diets. But whether or not a dog survives on a particular diet should not be the determining factor in deciding whether or not that diet is healthy. When choosing a diet for our dogs, we must consider multiple factors: physiology, digestibility, bioavailability,…

How much does it cost to feed raw?

A poll was taken to determine the average cost per pound of raw food members of The Raw Feeding Community were spending. 224 members participated in the poll. Here are the results: The table below is based on a dog eating 2.5% body weight and assumes the entire diet consists of meat/bone/organ. Monthly costs will…