U.S. raw food supplier map

Click here to access the RFC US raw food supplier map.

This map is intended to serve as a general reference for finding raw feeding options in your area.

Please note that many of these locations are delivery spots where you can meet a company truck to pick up your order at a specific date and time. Addresses & times (if given) for these delivery

locations are not guaranteed to be accurate or up-to-date. Please verify locations and delivery dates/times with the company itself.

Some locations represent local raw feeding co-ops. These locations are not intended to be represented by a specific address, but are simply markers indicating the existence of a co-op in that area.

Please see company/co-op websites/groups for more info. If a particular location does not have a link associated with it, then a Google or Facebook search should help you find who you’re looking for.

Different colored markers represent different companies or groups as indicated by the legend on the left-hand side of the map.


How to use

Zoom in towards your location on the map.



Take note of the colors of the markers in your area. Find the supplier that matches that color in the legend on the left by scrolling through the list. Once you’ve found the supplier, click on the down-arrow icon on the left to extend the list.


For example, if you lived in north Columbus Ohio, you would find that there are two delivery spots in your area: one with Farm Dog Raw and one with My Pet Carnivore.

You can also click on markers for more information.


Now that you’ve discovered a delivery location in your area, you will want to find the supplier’s website to verify the address, find out the date and time of the delivery, and place an order!

For example, by searching for Farm Dog Raw on Google, you would find when the next Dublin/Columbus, OH delivery is scheduled on their delivery schedule page. If you can make it to that delivery, then you can place an order.

Some markers don’t have specific addresses, for example the co-op facebook groups. You will need to find and join the group to get more information about their co-op’s deliveries.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For example: as you can see in the above slideshow screenshots, if you found a marker on the map that indicates a Southeast Louisiana Ross Wells co-op, you would then do a Facebook search for that co-op’s group so you can join and learn more about ordering and delivery.

If you have a question about one of the suppliers or co-ops, it would be best to ask them directly. If you are having trouble finding or contacting a supplier or co-op, you could make a post in The Raw Feeding Community and some members should be able to help you.


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