The Raw Feeding Community began as a Facebook group which was established in 2012. It grew quickly, reaching over 37,000 members and still constantly growing. Within that time, the @rawfeedingcommunity instagram account was established as well, which currently has about 18,000 followers.

The Community was created in order to provide a friendly, welcoming, convenient source of information and discussion for all of raw feeders. We strive to provide as much knowledge on raw diets as possible, to beginners and experienced raw feeders alike – whether they are interested in feeding prey model raw, BARF, and/or pre-made commercial products, or even feeding a partial or supplemental raw diet. RFC’s main goal is to help owners improve their pet’s diets by providing easy-to-access, unbiased, evidence based information.

About the Contributors

Most of the articles on this site are written by Plear Littlefield. Plear founded The Raw Feeding Community in 2012. She lives in the DFW, TX area with two dogs (Jax, 6 year old Doberman; Dixie, 12 year old Lab), two ferrets (Peaches and Possum), and a parrot (Olive the Senegal), and attends the University of Texas at Arlington as a biology major. A self-professed science nerd and animal lover, animal nutrition has been an obsession of her’s for years, and she greatly enjoys writing articles that may allow other owners to improve their pet’s health by improving their diet.

Danielle Steenkamp, DVM also contributes to articles whenever she gets the chance. As a practicing veterinarian and a wildlife rehabilitator with extensive experience with animals of all kinds, her expertise and professional knowledge is so priceless to RFC. She also resides in Texas, where she raises Borzoi.


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