Raw Feeding Cats & Ferrets

Cats and ferrets are both true, obligate carnivores. Their ancestral diet is high in protein, fat, and moisture, and very low in carbohydrates - the opposite of dry pet food. For this reason, cats and ferrets can benefit greatly from raw diets. Learn more about transitioning them to Raw.


Simple ways to improve your dog’s kibble

Nutrition is the most important thing to keep your dog healthy. By introducing some fresh foods to their diet, your dog can live a longer, happier life.

Common Misconceptions About Raw Diets: A Realistic View

As raw diets become more popular, more information becomes available about it - but unfortunately, not all of this information is correct. Misconceptions about raw diets are spread by online raw feeding forums/groups, pet food companies, and sometimes even veterinarians.¬†And it isn't just the anti-raw crowd that contributes to these myths; in fact, a lot … Continue reading Common Misconceptions About Raw Diets: A Realistic View