RFC Facebook Group Rules

Please post anything off-topic in our sister group, RFC Pet Chat. Anything that is not diet-related is considered off-topic. Any off-topic threads in the main group may be deleted by admin without notice. This is so that the main group can better help members with on-topic questions or concerns, and so that the main group refrains from turning into more of a chat room than a place to learn about raw. The link to RFC Pet Chat iswww.facebook.com/groups/RFCchat. (RFC Chat is for pet-related posts only.)

Graphic content, such as pictures of roadkill or discussing butchering/processing food animals, is to be posted in RFC Extreme. The link to RFC Extreme iswww.facebook.com/groups/RFCgraphic. This is because we want to keep the main RFC group as beginner-friendly as possible, and graphic photos may be intimidating to some.

Bashing, name-calling, or shaming any person or group of people is not acceptable within this group or our affiliated groups. THIS INCLUDES KIBBLE SHAMING AND VET BASHING. As stereotypical as it sounds… “Treat others how you want to be treated!” We do not tolerate bullying or people trying to start arguments. If you disagree with someone, there is nothing wrong with letting them know why you disagree especially if you can explain yourself or post helpful links so that others can learn. That is part of what this group is about – discussion! But there is no need for name-calling, accusing, or rude remarks towards someone. A civil discussion can be had amongst adults without anyone getting offended. The most important thing to realize is that there is another human being on the other side of the screen that you’re talking to. Realize that people from all over the world are members of this group that come from different countries, different cultures, and different walks of life.

Harmful or dangerous advice is not appropriate in this group. Comments giving harmful advice will be deleted. Admins reserve the right to remove members from the group that continuously give dangerous advice. Please keep in mind that Facebook groups are not a replacement for veterinary care.

Please keep posts that may be talking about another person, group, facebook page, forum, etc. anonymous in order to avoid bullying or harassment somewhere else caused by a post in this group. If you post screenshots, any personal info, such as names of people, groups, facebook pages, links, phone numbers, addresses, business names, etc.should be blocked out or blurred completely to the point where they are unable to be read. If you are talking negatively about someone or something, do not include their name or information in your post. Posts that include information such as the above will be deleted by admin without notice.

Discussion of intentional live feeding is prohibited in the group. Feeding live animals to your raw fed pets is dangerous and inhumane, not only to the prey animal, but to your pet as well. Live feeding opens the possibilities of injuries and/or parasites, as well as unnecessary prolonged suffering for the prey animal. Posts discussing live feeding will be deleted by admin without notice.

Discussion of illegal activity is not allowed in the group. Posts discussing illegal activity will be deleted. Admins reserve the right to remove members that post about illegal activity on their personal pages.

Rehoming or selling your pet(s) is not allowed in the group. If you are fostering with a 501c3 rescue organization, and you would like to post something to recieve adoption applications, please contact an admin for permission prior to posting with all available information on the pet and proof of your affiliation with said rescue. These posts are only allowed in RFC Chat. Discussion of puppy sales is prohibited in the group, even in comments. Threads or comments advertising for a breeder in any way will be deleted by admin. 

GoFundMe or any kind of donation links are not allowed in the group due to scams in the past. Unfortunately the admin team can’t properly screen every fundraiser to make sure they are legitimate. These posts will be deleted by admin without notice.

Remember that this is a large, active group and it is rapidly growing. Controversial topics such as tail docking, ear cropping, debarking, declawing, breeding, spaying/neutering, vaccines, kibble, different meat sources, denaturants, and various training techniques will arise sometimes. If you post about a topic like this expect to get some disagreement from others. If you see a post you don’t agree with, and you can’t keep your comments civil and respectful, please ignore the post and move along.

The most effective way to get something across to someone is in a welcoming, friendly, and informative manner. This group was created because I noticed a trend in other groups where “stupid questions” were met with cold, rude responses. That is not how we handle things here!

Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. Whether it is within group posts itself or private message, if another group member makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, please screenshot the conversation, block the person, and message an admin the screenshots. Harassing another member is an automatic ban. Decision to delete and ban members will then be decided by the admins based on the screenshots, context, etc. We will not delete people based on he said she said events. If the admins find that you are posting screenshots of posts in this group elsewhere in order to incite people to harass the members of this group, you will be banned immediately.

Blocking any of the admins of this group is strictly prohibited. If we discover that you have an admin blocked, you will be removed from the group and will not be allowed to re-join until you take them off your blocked list.

Please keep in mind that although the admins try to keep tabs on everything that is going on, we are not superhuman, and we can’t always read every post and every comment immediately. If you see something that concerns you or a thread is getting out of hand, please report the post, tag one of the admins (listed at the bottom of this post) in the comments section, and/or message one or more admins.

It is assumed that we are all adults here, so adult language is not prohibited. There is a point where it may get excessive or offensive, and in that case, someone will kindly let you know that you’ve crossed a line. Hate speech, however, is not appropriate and may result in an immediate ban. This includes racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. remarks or comments.

Basically: have fun, play nice, and learn! If there are any questions, comments or concerns about the group, don’t hesitate to contact any of the admins.

Thanks, from your Community admins:

Plear Littlefield, Danielle Steenkamp DVM, Ashlyn Mandelin, Brianna Alford, Magen Bouchard, Andrea Kaehler, Courtenay Morgan, Kim Conkle, Sean Gordon, Megan Johnson Zheng, Stephanie Curti