RFC Facebook Group Rules

Members are required to acknowledge that they read these rules and agreed to abide by them before their join request is accepted. Failure to abide by these rules may result in consequences including being muted (temporarily restricted from posting/commenting), requiring post approval, being removed from the group, or being banned from the group.

Be respectful

RFC and affiliated groups are all about discussion and learning. If you cannot participate without refraining from inflammatory comments, these groups are not for you.

Name-calling, bullying, harassing, “trolling,” shaming, etc. is prohibited in all RFC affiliated groups.

Hate speech or discriminatory comments is prohibited and will result in an immediate ban from all RFC affiliated groups. This includes racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, discrimination based on one’s gender identity, discrimination based on one’s religious/spiritual beliefs (or lack thereof), and so on.

Please also keep in mind that repeat questions will be frequently posted due to the nature of the group. If this offends or annoys you, it may be best for you to unfollow the group and/or turn off notifications so you can just visit the group whenever you feel like it.

Adult language is not prohibited unless it is excessive to the extent that it becomes disruptive, in which case admin may take action at their discretion.

No vet bashing or kibble shaming

Vet bashing includes claiming that veterinarians or others in the veterinary industry purposefully make your pet sick to increase profit, etc. RFC will not allow statements that attack, accuse, or disrespect the hard-working professionals that have dedicated their lives to caring for our pets.

Kibble shaming includes claiming that kibble feeders are lazy, neglectful, “poisoning” their pet, etc. Kibble shaming does not include expressing an opinion about a specific product or brand or explaining the general disadvantages of kibble.

Stay on topic

The Raw Feeding Community is for nutrition-related topics only. In an effort to keep the group focused on the subject it was created for, posts that are not specifically related to diet must be posted in RFC Pet Chat. This includes any topics relating to training/behavior, vaccination, flea/tick/heartworm prevention, medications, etc.

RFC Pet Chat, as the name implies, is focused on pet or animal related topics only. It is not a general chat group and non-animal related posts will be deleted.

RFC Extreme is focused on raw feeding only.

RFC Veterinary Professionals admission is restricted to current or former employees in the veterinary industry only.

Kibble posts in RFC

Although RFC is primarily a raw feeding group, occasionally there will be questions about commercial diets, including kibble. Discussion of kibble is allowed in RFC – after all, there are thousands of raw feeders that also feed kibble. However, kibble posts may be closed at admin’s discretion once the post has been adequately answered (generally around 30+ comments). The purpose of closing these posts is to prevent them from continuing to be bumped to the top of the page. By closing comments, questions about raw diets will be able to receive more attention instead of a kibble post that has already been sufficiently answered continually getting bumped to the top of the group feed. This allows RFC to remain focused on raw feeding while also allowing discussion of kibble for those that aren’t able to feed raw yet or those that feed partial raw diets.

“Graphic” content is restricted

In an effort to keep RFC as inclusive and beginner-friendly as possible, please regulate any “graphic” content such as whole prey, dispatching/processing meat animals, etc to RFC Extreme.

A good rule of thumb to follow is that if it has a face and you wouldn’t find it in your typical grocery store, it is best to post it to Extreme. For example, whole fish are frequently found in grocery stores thus would be fine to post, but whole rabbits are not.

Live feeding

Live feeding (allowing your pet to kill their own prey animal) is not allowed in any capacity (videos, photos, or discussion) in any RFC affiliated groups, including RFC Extreme. Feeding live animals to your raw fed pets is dangerous and inhumane, not only to the prey animal but to your pet as well. Live feeding increases the potential of injuries and parasites and can involve unnecessary prolonged suffering for the prey animal.

Poop pics 💩

Posts with poop photos are discouraged and poop photos are requested to be nested in the comments as a courtesy for any members that do not wish to view pictures of poop in their newsfeed. However, this is not a rule, just a request. Posts containing photos of poop will not be automatically deleted by admin.

Advertising requires admin approval

If you would like to advertise (i.e. anything that involves exchanging money for a product or service), please message the page to request permission. Permission to advertise grants you permission to post once. Additional posts require additional approval.

Posts or comments advertising a product or service without prior admin approval will be deleted by admin. In addition, if you receive approval but your post did not follow the instructions given to you by the admin that approved your post, your posts/comments will be deleted.

Please do not spam the group or advertise in a comment on unrelated posts. For example, if you are a treat company and someone posted asking for treat recommendations, you are more than welcome to point them towards your website; but if someone posts about switching to raw, advertising your treats would not be relevant to the post.

Permission will not be granted for any products sold via “multi level marketing” schemes.

No harmful advice

Potentially harmful or dangerous advice is not allowed in any RFC affiliated groups. Content promoting harmful advice will be removed. This rule includes the promotion of outside resources known to give harmful advice (websites, other facebook groups, etc).

Discussion of illegal activity is prohibited.

No veterinary advice

Please keep in mind that Facebook groups are not a replacement for veterinary advice or care, and RFC groups are no exception. When in doubt, call your vet.

Keep it in the group


Any members found to be posting screenshots from any RFC affiliated groups elsewhere will be banned from all RFC affiliated groups.

Private messages

Any members found to be private messaging another member to harass or solicit them is not allowed and will result in being banned from all RFC affiliated groups.

We strongly discourage comments like “PM me for more information” – please give any advice by commenting on the post. By taking the conversation to PM, it is impossible for anyone else to correct any misinformation or dangerous advice given. By keeping all discussion within the group, it also benefits anyone else reading as well. After all, that is literally what the group is for!

While the admin team strives to be as helpful as possible, please keep in mind that we all do have lives outside of RFC and may not always be available for one-on-one advice or assistance. If you would like an admin’s advice, it is best to message the RFC page rather than an individual admin; all admins and mods have access to the RFC page, so whoever is available at that time will be able to answer your question. If you have a general question about raw feeding, you are encouraged to post it to the group.

Don’t post personal information

Do not post anyone else’s identifying information, such as contact info, names, photos, etc. If you “must” post screenshots, all identifying information must completely removed. This includes group names, page names, profile photos, etc.

Do not post your own contact information or any other personal details that you wouldn’t want over 80,000 other random strangers to know about you.

No puppy sales, rehoming, or unauthorized fundraising

Please do not discuss or recommend breeders/litters/etc in RFC as this is not within the scope of the group.  Breeders advertising puppies or kittens for sale and private re-homes are not allowed to be posted in any RFC affiliated groups.

If you want to share a post from a reputable 501c3 rescue organization, you may do so in RFC Pet Chat only. GoFundMe or similar fundraising websites are generally not allowed but may be considered for admin approval on a strict case-by-case basis.

Don’t block admins/mods

Members blocking admins or mods is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate banning until proof is provided that the admin or mod has been unblocked. (Don’t know how to unblock someone? Click here.) Blocking admins or mods interferes with their ability to perform their duties in the group. Admins and mods are listed below or can be found here.

Report inappropriate content

Please keep in mind that although the admins do their best to keep tabs on everything that is going on, we are not superhuman, and we can’t read every post and every comment immediately. If you see something that concerns you or a thread is getting out of hand, please report the post. (Don’t know how to report a post? Click here.)


Thank you, from your RFC admin/mod team:

admins: Plear Littlefield, Danielle Steenkamp DVM, Ashlyn Kauh, Brianna Alford, Magen Bouchard, Andrea Kaehler, Courtenay Morgan, Kim ConkleMegan Zheng, Stephanie Curti, Sean Gordon

mods: Anika Evans, Jenni Korhonen, Emily Ann, Lindsay Modisette, Beth Laubenthal, Ronny Gomez, Alexa McLaren, Pierre-Olivier Champagne, Viktorija Jermolayeva, Nadia Riobkova, Amanda Hoskins