The Science of Raw Pet Food

Unfortunately, there is a high prevalence of logical fallacies and misinformation in many raw feeding resources and circles, which only helps to further diminish the legitimacy of raw diets. This article will aim to address the current science based evidence that can be used as support of the merits of raw food diets.


Study shows raw diet promotes healthier digestive system in dogs

The study found that raw diets are highly digestible and promote a balanced growth of friendly bacteria in the gut.

Simple ways to improve your dog’s kibble

Nutrition is the most important thing to keep your dog healthy. By introducing some fresh foods to their diet, your dog can live a longer, happier life.

Your dog is not a wolf; stop trying to feed it like one

The strictly "prey model" mindset is not only unnecessary, but also potentially damaging. An owner should not feel like they are breaking a "rule" if they choose to start supplementing the diet, or if they want to give some veggies now and then, or even if they choose to start feeding grains to a dog that can't keep on weight. Every dog is different, and despite what some may tell you, a strict prey model diet does not work for every single dog.